September 2019

New strata plan resources to reduce requisitions

We have published two new resources to assist with preparing and lodging strata plans in NSW - the Strata Plan Reference Guide and the Strata Plan Preparation Guide.

August 2019

Changes to Certificate of Currency requirements under Conveyancing Regulation

The next staged change to the plan currency time limit under the Conveyancing (General) Regulation 2018 takes effect on 1 September 2019.

August 2019

Plan Revision Search feature launches in ePlan

NSW Land Registry Services has recently launched a new Plan Revision Search feature in ePlan, our electronic plan lodgment and validation system.

All Announcements

Conveyancing Rules Exceptions - 1 July 2018

It has come to the attention of NSW LRS that there has been some confusion regarding the applicability of the Conveyancing Rules (Version 4).

July 2018

eConveyancing Update June 2018

On 1 July 2018, the next phase of the NSW Government’s transition to wholly electronic conveyancing (eConveyancing) commences.

June 2018

Review of Customer Terms 19 June 2018

NSW LRS has identified five separate sets of terms and conditions for doing business with NSW LRS. These terms and conditions were inherited from Land and Property Information and in general have not been subject to a detailed review since 2009.

June 2018

NSW LRS - 2018/19 Fees

The NSW LRS fees for products and services involving land titles, plans, property information and the Water Access Licence Register will change for the 2018/19 financial year.

June 2018

eConveyancing Update - PEXA Release 8.0

The transition to completely digital or electronic conveyancing (eConveyancing) has been mandated by the NSW Government. We encourage you to get started with eConveyancing if you’re not already using it.

May 2018

eConveyancing Update

NSW LRS supports the NSW Government’s commitment to digital innovation and eConveyancing. We encourage you to get started with eConveyancing if you’re not already using it.

March 2018

Building Management Statement Form

The new Building Management Statement, (BMS) Approved Form 12 is now available for immediate use.

March 2018

National Mortgage Form (NMF) compulsory from 3 March 2018

To comply with NSW Conveyancing Rule 10.1.10, all mortgages signed on or after 3 March 2018 must be lodged using the NMF.

February 2018

NSW LRS Business Arrangements Christmas & New Year 2017/8

Christmas / New Year service delivery arrangements.

December 2017

Security Pop-Up NSW LRS Online Portal

Security Certificate Notification message on NSW LRS Online Portal.

November 2017

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Service Status Update

Until December 2018, there will be planned outages for some NSW LRS systems while we undertake essential works. Where possible these works have been scheduled over weekends to minimise disruption to our customers.

Upcoming Outages:
Will be advised once confirmed.

To check on the status of our online services or to subscribe to our outage notifications, please visit our Service Status page.