How to search for historical records in NSW

27 May 2019

If you are interested in exploring NSW's land heritage, the following guides can assist you in conducting online and over-the-counter searches of current and historical information.
Searching guides are provided in PDF format and will open in a new window. Should the PDF prove inaccessible, please contact us to obtain a copy.
Due to changes in how land title searches are conducted, some of the information in these historical documents may be out of date; they have been retained as some information may be useful to researchers.

Online searches

NSW Land Registry Services’ authorised Information Brokers provide online land title searches and other land information products for a fee. Click here for a list of authorised Information Brokers.
Free searches are also available via the NSW LRS online portal.


Download PDF (991.66 KB)

Published 09 April 2020

Brief History of RG Records

Download PDF (2,917.25 KB)

Published 01 January 2009

Old System information

Download PDF (4,269.43 KB)

Published 01 January 2009

Torrens title information

Download PDF (2,576.26 KB)

Published 01 January 2009

First Stop Guide

Download PDF (1,678.42 KB)

Published 01 January 2006

Searching RG Maps Plans

Download PDF (4,815.91 KB)

Published 01 January 2002

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